Why Your RV Needs Sunscreen: MAXXGARD Exterior Protection

Published on Sep 23, 2022 Blog Image

An RV can be a large investment. As with all vehicles, depreciation occurs from a variety of sources, with exterior damage being a big factor in dropping values. Everyone wants a beautiful, new RV, but after a few years that look can easily go away, leaving you disappointed and frustrated with the look and the value decrease. When you want to upgrade, that cost depreciation can be a hard hit and make the upgrade you really want just out of your reach. MAXXGARD Exterior Protection is a service we offer that keeps your RV looking shiny and new, protecting your investment so you can enjoy it as long as you want. MAXXGARD protects your exterior against everything from bird waste to UV rays.

Colorado experiences much higher UV radiation than states at sea level due to the high elevation. Studies have presented varying results, from 12 to 68 percent higher at Colorado’s average elevation and even higher up in the mountains with a range between 26 and 144 percent higher. Still, the one thing all studies agree on is that Colorado experiences higher UV radiation. This creates an issue for you as the RV owner because those stronger rays can damage your investment. Paint will fade and lose its gloss, making your RV look worn down and decrease in value. MAXXGARD Exterior Protection prevents this damage, retaining that shiny new look for years.

There are few places where you can keep your RV indoors, out of the elements and away from animals. This presents another challenge aside from UV rays: birds. Whether you are at home or enjoying the wilderness thanks to your home-away-from-home, birds will inevitably do their business on your RV. The acids they produce will slowly break down your paint, causing further damage. Insects will do the same thing, albeit as a result of them flying in front of your RV. Their remains will cause minor damage over time. MAXXGARD protects against this as well, ensuring that any accidents you can’t quickly clean up don’t cause long-term damage to your wallet.

MAXXGARD Exterior Protection helps with many other things, but these two big challenges alone make the initial investment worth it in the long run. Protecting both your finances and your beautiful new RV is a no-brainer once you understand how MAXXGARD can help you. If you want to understand more about how MAXXGARD can benefit and protect you, please reach out to us at (719) 596-2716 and we’ll be happy to help you out however we can. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and give us a follow!