The Great American RV Show

Published on Sep 30, 2022 Blog Image

The Great American RV Show is a huge gathering of RV dealerships every Fall. This year, they have events on October 6th – 8th, Thursday through Saturday. The team that organizes it has over 30 years of experience planning events, so you know you have even more to look forward to than just exploring the newest and most exciting RVs on the market! This year they will be at the Norris Penrose Center showing over 300 RV models, both old and new including the new 2023 models. If you are unsure what you want, what is available nowadays, or you just want to enjoy the event and check out RVs, this is a terrific opportunity for all RV lovers!

It’s easy to forget the value of networking outside of a work environment. Everyone knows how helpful networking is in moving a career forward, but people often discount the value of networking for your leisure time. Every new person you meet at The Great American RV is another opportunity to learn about hidden getaways, excellent deals, and tips and tricks when it comes to RVs. That isn’t even considering the possible friendships you’ll make! Camping alone can be enjoyable, but bringing friends along is a terrific way to change and share that experience.

The lineup of dealers brings people from all over the state, including us! You can come and meet us along with several other RV dealers from Colorado. We know we aren’t the only option out there for RVs, but we are sure we can show you why we stand among the best. We also know how valuable other reputable dealers can be to you. If you are camping up in northern Colorado and something happens to your vehicle, knowing who you can trust to help you get the repairs you need is lifesaving.

Tickets are for sale at If you have any questions about The Great American RV Show, contact us at (719) 596-2716 and we’ll be happy to help you out however we can. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and give us a follow!